Car Park

If you are  going on a Coach Trip or similar and would like to leave cars at the hall please SPEAK TO CHRISTINE CUNNINGHAM the bookings Sec. Don't just look at the diary three weeks before and say 'oh yes it will be ok there are no bookings on that day', because a booking might pop up a few days before your event. 

If you booked the hall and expected an empty car park, you would be annoyed if there were quite a few cars in it and your members could not get in! 

NOTE, the hall will not be in use from the 31st July for up to three weeks.

A number of works will take place,
New Lighting in the main hall with a new suspended ceiling
The end  or south wall will be plastered
New heating units

If this affects your group please get in contact with Chris the Booking secretary as soon as possible

13th August

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Car show Sunday the 9th April 2017, next one Sunday 14th May

Car Show April no5  Car show April no6

Car show April no 1  Car show April no 2

Car show April no3  Car show April no4

WHAT'S On at Waltham Chase Village Hall

Handouts detailing when and who to contact for all organisations using the hall are now available at The Hall, Post Office, Morgans One Stop etc. We on the committee hope that they might bring more interest in your group. We have already in the first 24 hours had comments that say, I didn't know there was so much on at the hall. It can only ber good for you and the Hall
Sunday the 13th March 2016

The 6th Sunday of Classic Cars in the Car perk took place with 57 cars from the early 19 hundreds to 1990's visited for a natter and breakfast. It is certainly putting Waltham Chase on the map a little more!

Visit our working page for pictures of other months, click here.

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Kicksister Taekwondo


Keep-Fit and Self Defence for woman and girls of all ages,

Just come along Wednesdays 5.45 -6.45

or ring me..

Claire  07791 167498

Car Park

If you are  going on a Coach Trip or similar and would like to leave cars at the hall please SPEAK TO CHRISTINE CUNNINGHAM the bookings Sec. Dont just look at the diary and say 'oh yes there are no bookings on that day' three weeks before, because a booking might pop up a few days before. 

If you booked the hall and expected an empty car park, you would be annoyed if there were quite a few cars in it! 

Classic Cars

Every second Sunday in the month the car park will be in use for a gathering of Classic Cars. The last one this month, November, had 42 classic cars in attendance, not bad in a car park for 40.  Follow this link to our web page, click


It cannot have escaped the regular users that the floor has been giving us some problems again. It would appear to be this time of the year before the heating is on.  The idea now is to fund raise and replace the fooor. This has an expected cost of 10,000 plus. AND YOU THOUGHT RUNNING A VILLAGE HALL IS EASY!

The Hall has Wi-Fi now, 

if during your visit you need the code it is on the Foyer notice board


Some of you should have noticed that we now have an AED ( Defribrillator) at the Hall. We have already run one Heartstart?Defribrillator basic training session but if there is a requirement for additional training we will run it. 
As many in the village should have some basic idea how and WHEN to use it, you never know it might be you it has to be used on, would you rather someone had an idea how to do it or would you be happy for them to waste time reading instructions.
Please let me know if you are interested and you are a currently trained First Aider or a basic beginner. 

We intend to run courses in December or January.
Please contact me on 07710307880  / 01329832595  or

Cafe, re opening more info to come

The Cafe has re-opend  for teas and coffees and food. Daily breakfasts, Bacon baps etc, Seven days a week!

Chase Cafe has sadly closed due to young family committments by the organiser. 

Follow this news link for more information at a later date

Wednesday the 29th April, Grand Opening of the Garden by Preschool, 12.30 onwards

To all current Hall users.

The new CONDITIONS OF HIRE and BOOKING FORM ar on this website please view for some bedtime reading.

April 8th

A number of committee members and members of Waltham Chase W.I had a blitz in the dark bits of the hall today, well done all of you

Pete Yeoman

To make enquiries about our Hall or book a session please use the Contact Page, Clicking here will find it, or if you wish to speak to our Secretary then ring, Chris on 07940 704676 or e-mail


Please note that the booking secretary is changing, Joyce has been a wonderful asset to the hall and we wish her well.
The New Booking Secretary will be Chris Cunningham, contactable on
 07940 704676. or e-mail 


The Cafe is now opening Tuesday to Friday 8am -4pm

Work is in hand by Pre school to upgrade the garden at the side with astrotrurf or similar together with all new fences , I think you will all agree that it looking much better already and what a space! 

It is sad but we have lost our committee members Tara and Gary Pothecary who have moved to Bishops Waltham, gone but not forgotten! Thanks for all you did for the Hall.

Work is currently in progress to renew the ditch on the south side of the car park because water is pouring off of the car park into our neighbours to the south. There used to be a ditch along the fence but over time like so many in the village it has become filled in. It would appear we have cleared a way into the drain that leads to the one in the road to alleviate this problem. Pre School have erected a new fence alongside of the same fence line and intend to re-design their garden.

The 100 club will cease to operate as of the 1st January 2015 as we ony have 50 members! It will be replace by a ' Curtain Fund' more to follow later.

Hire Charges

We did not increase charges in 2014 so as of the 1st April 2015, all charges will increase by 5%

The new Cafe now opening 8am to 4pm  Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday and Friday.
Kirsten and her team offer spciality Coffee and a wide selection of teas together with light snacks. Enjoy the atmosphere of a Vintage Cafe.

Chase Cafe  Yeoman Meeting room/Cafe

The New Chase Cafe

Set up as a meeting room

Meeting room set up for committees   Patio area

Sunday the 5th October 2014  Tea afternoon for those over 65

group 2   Group 1

Nerys and Jess Bond, Chair of Shedfield PC   Longest serving committee members with Jess Bond

Group 3   group 4

group 5   group 6

Can we remind all hall users that if you use recorded music in any way you should have a licence to
 do this, follow the link to
Regards  Waltham Chase Village Hall Committee